Sunday, May 15, 2011

Newest Health Gadgets Light The Way

Sweating isn't always fun, but there are always new items out there meant to make getting fit safer and easier. NY1's Kafi Drexel filed the following report.
Sometimes you need a bit of extra equipment to go that extra mile. NY1 recently checked in with Shape Magazine for the lowdown on some of their latest choices, including an armband made to help monitor your health 24/7.
"The BodyMedia Fit Armband, you put this on in the morning and it is going to tell you how many calories you are taking in when you have breakfast or lunch. It is going to tell you how many calories you are burning. It's also going to tell you how efficiently you are sleeping at night," said
Shape Magazine Senior Associate Editor Bahar Takhtehchian.
With all of that on track, Takhtehchian is also a fan of "Knuckle Lights," a handheld device that features tiny but powerful LED beams to help light your way.
"There's a great product called 'Knuckle Lights' and this is perfect for people who like to run outside when it is really early in the morning or late at night and it is dark. You just put these on your hands and it is going to shoot out a really nice and bright light and it is going to light the pathway that you are going to be running towards," Takhtehchian said.
And not only do "Knuckle Lights" help you see where you are going, but other people can also see you.
While you might have your outdoor workout covered, pretty much everyone worries what you might pick up at the gym besides a set of flat abs. NY1 recently caught up with fitness expert Nikki Glor at New York Marriott East Side. The hotel is using SilverSport fitness products including exercise mats, foam rollers and towels to help keep germs at bay.

"Sometimes you don't know what you are putting stuff on and then it is on your face and you forget. 'Now which side of the towel did I have on the machine?' The best part about these sports towels, the SilverSport towels are that they are antimicrobial. So they have silver nano technology in there that is activated by wetness like sweat. So it fights bacteria in an all-natural way," Glor said.